COVID-19: US case numbers top China, Italy, as health care workers highlight PPE shortages

  • Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker
  • 23 mar. 2020

  • de Liz Scherer
  • Clinical Essentials
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  • According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker, as of this writing, the US COVID-19 case number has topped 100,000, surpassing case counts in either China or Italy. 
  • New York state is the US epicenter of the disease.

Highlighted updates

  • With more than 500 deaths and ~45,000 confirmed cases across New York as of this writing, worst-case scenario preparations are well underway.
  • New York City has purchased 45 refrigerated truck trailers in case morgues and hospitals become overwhelmed. 
  • The Liaison Committee on Medical Education has waived restrictions to facilitate early graduation for qualified med school seniors.
    • To provide more frontline health care workers for the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis, New York University is among the first academic institutions to take advantage .
  • A New England Journal of Medicine  editorial echoes what US frontline health care workers have reported all week: the US supply of ventilators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) is grossly understocked.
  • Entrepreneurial clinicians are soliciting PPE on social media platforms like Twitter .
  • The American College of Physicians is urging Congressional funding for PPE, as well as telemedicine visit support and expansion of insurance coverage and support.
  • US researchers are developing a rapid COVID-19 test that identifies SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in people who are positive for the virus but exhibit no or mild symptoms.